My name is Kreistina Blinova.

This is my website for my poetry and photography. 

Few words about me

I hope you check out my chapbook Bleeding Heart. The idea for the title was from one of Ernest Hemingway quotes. The quote is “There is nothing to writing. All you need to do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.” Even though you have writer’s block, just sit and write. At least there is something on paper.

I got into poetry when I was in Elementary School; we had to write a poem that rhymed for class. I wanted to write something funny and ended up writing There is an Elephant in my Closet. Everyone absolutely loved it. So from then on, I continued my writing journey. My favourite poets is Alexander Pushkin. I really love Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”. Love the message that it gives, that each of us has their own path in life and it maybe different from others. I started getting into photography in high school, when my friend was taking pictures of flowers. I always loved flowers and I felt like I could show them in a different light when they never were shown.


I'm thrilled to be publishing my very first chapbook, Bleeding Heart. I feel this is the collection that many of you have been waiting for in a quest to discover something new in poetry.I hope that you enjoy my poems as much as I enjoyed writing them. I will have accomplished what I set out to do if my words make you laugh, cry, be surpised or feel joy. Let me know what you think!  There is an PDF version available for your reading pleasure! It is FREE!!! Be sure to check it out and tell your friends! Click on the image to download it. I will be adding my poetry on @Poetizer.Poetizer is a community where poets and poetry enthusiasts come together. You can check them out.

A Little Preview - Poets and Dreamers


They say that poets are like dreamers,
They are right,
Poets write about what is in their heart,
Their perception of things,
What it really is like,
Describe something in an interesting angle,
They tell a story in a way,
Help uncover what is truly there,
Uncover the world,
Uncover the beauty,
This lies beneath it all,
Something to smile about on this planet,
Dreamers wish what they would like,
Like Charlie Chaplin, 
To dream is to wish,
To write poetry is to reflect,
And to say it like it is. 



When I am not writing my life away, I am taking snapshots of daily life around me; what inspires me and what catches my eye. I also have an Instagram account, where you can follow me on my photography wanderings.

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